Friday, 22 March 2019

Welcome back! I hope you and your family had a great March Break.
Reminders and requests:

Weather: Please discuss with your child what you expect them to wear during recesses at this time of year. With the warmer (hopefully:) ), wetter weather many students are removing coats and snow pants/ splash pants at recess. My rule has been coat on, but unzipped if you are too warm and if you do not wear your snow pants or splash pants you have a dry pavement only recess (Other teachers may have different expectations). Please discuss with your child what your expectations are and hopefully we can ward off some early spring colds.

Library on Monday. Please return books.

Lenten Food Collection - Thank you for contributing to our Lenten food collection for the Osgoode Food Cupboard. Non-perishable food items will continue to be collected until Holy Thursday.

Things you can continue to work on at Home:

Language Reading continue to have your child read daily to themselves and to and with you. The children are becoming avid readers and are very proud of how well they can read now! I will be sending home reading progress updates in the near future.

Writing - You can help your child’s writing improve by encouraging them to keep a journal or have them make Easter cards or other cards for family members. Have them write a letter to leave for the Easter Bunny, or write an Easter prayer to share at dinner.

Math Review money with your child. Some children are still struggling with naming coins and remembering the coin's value. You can have them make money amounts different ways up to 20 cents and have them add and subtract money amounts up to 20 cents or higher if they are capable.

Here are some of the things we worked on this week.

Language- This week we focused on March writing. We wrote about our March Break and used two writing prompts - Who is worth more than gold to you and If we had three wishes. The children really enjoyed the three wishes prompt and were very creative! We are continuing to review short vowel sounds and applying these skills to our reading and writing.
MathWe practiced and reviewed money: coin names, making money amounts in different ways and counting coins using their values. We also reviewed place value.

Physical Education and Health We played cooperative games, played floor hockey and worked on our volleyball, basketball and badminton skills.

Religion and Family Life- Through stories, presentations and videos we are learning about the liturgical season of Lent. We are working through and creating Lenten booklets.

Writing: Who is worth more to you than gold?
Lucky Four Leaf Clovers

I hope you have great weekend!

Friday, 8 March 2019

The weather is hopefully going to warm up soon. As the weather gets wetter and sloppier, it would be a good idea to pack extra socks and mittens, along with a plastic bag to put wet clothing in, in your child’s backpack. If your child does not have a change of pants of school, it would be a good idea to send a pair or leave it in their backpack, as snow pants can get very wet at this time of the year. Let's hope the spring weather arrives over our March Break. Have a fun, safe and relaxing week!

Language  - This week we reviewed short vowel sounds. We continued to explore learning books and games on the Starfall website (see link on the side). We reread and listened to stories and did some Lenten writing.

Math  We continued to work on money concepts. We are learning the names and values of coins. We are counting coins and making change up to 20 cents. We will soon start working on time to the hour and half hour. You can help your child by pointing out clocks in your home, making sure they know which hand is the hour (short hand - short word) and minute hand (longer hand - longer word) and having them practice telling time to the hour and half hour. 

Science - This week we had a fantastic Scientist in the School presentation where we learned about all sorts of types of energy and explored stations on wind energy, solar energy, energy conservation, and renewable and non-renewable sources of energy. We will be finishing up this unit soon and will begin to look at what happens during the springtime.

Religion - We have been talking about Lent and discussing good deeds as a way to help us better ourselves and prepare our hearts for Easter. We celebrated our Ash Wednesday Liturgy.

Physical Education - We have been having fun playing floor hockey and passing, throwing and catching balls.
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Have a fun, safe and relaxing March break. Wishing all those traveling this time of year safe and

Friday, 1 March 2019

We are now into our second and final term of the school year! Grade one is a year of tremendous growth. I am amazed and pleased at how far each child has come since the beginning of the school year. Thank you for supporting your child’s learning at home.


Skating - Thursday March 7 will be our final skating day.

Scientist in the School - We will be having a Scientist in the School Workshop on Monday March 4. If you are available to help out, please be at the school at 9:00 to be introduced to your station.

Free App Download on March 4 - 10 - Teach your Monster to Read (an app we have been using at school):
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Teach Your Monster to Read will be free to download across all app stores.
Starts Monday 4th March 2019
Ends Sunday 10th March 2019
Once downloaded onto your device, there is nothing to pay to continue playing the app on your device after the free period ends.
Already bought the app? Thank you so much. The funds raised mean our charity can continue running and creating more fun games to help children learn.
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Teach Monster Games Ltd is a subsidiary of The Usborne Foundation, a registered charity in England and Wales. Charity number 1121957.

Ash Wednesday Liturgy - This will be held at our school on Wednesday, March 6 at 11 am.

Things you can continue to work on at Home:

Mindfulness - We have been practicing some strategies from Mindmasters 2 (a program form CHEO) to help us regulate are emotions. You may want to have your child try some of these strategies at home. Activities and songs can be found at:

Language Reading We have started working on retells. If you are reading a fiction book ask your child to retell the story to you remembering to mention the characters, setting, problem, events/plot (beginning, middle and end) and solution. If they are reading a non-fiction book ask them to share 3-5 facts they learned.

Writing - Providing your child with authentic writing experiences can help get your child more excited about writing. Having them make a birthday wish list, write an email to a family member, make a card for someone, writing a story to share with a sibling, etc. may encourage more writing.

Math Reviewing and practicing the coin names and values as well as sorting, counting coins and showing different ways to make money amounts will help your child learn these concepts. We will be starting time this month, so reviewing or introducing how to read time to the hour and half hour will help your child.

Here are some of the things we worked on this week.

Language- This week we read and did several activities using the book The Mitten and The Hat. We looked at the elements of a fiction story (characters, setting, problem, events (plot) and solution). We sequenced the events. We made our own unique mitten and wrote clues to describing our mitten so other could guess which mitten is ours. We made connections and comparisons to the story The Hat. We continued to practice our short and long vowel sounds and are practicing using magic e to help us read and write.
MathWe started working on money. We have been practicing naming coins, telling their value and counting coins. We have been working on addition and subtraction word problems and using various strategies to solve the problems. We have been building, comparing and contrasting 3-D solids.

Science We are continuing to work on our Energy unit.

Physical Education and Health We played cooperative games, worked on our throwing objects at a target and danced and moved to Go Noodle activities in the classroom.

The Arts – We listened to and sang several math songs to help us learn about money and other concepts. The links are on the blog under math songs.

Building 3-D solids
Comparing and Contrasting our Friends

Have a great weekend!