Thursday, 15 November 2018

We had a great short week learning together. We also had a fantastic time skating with our friends in this class and in the grade ½ class.  We love it when our grade one friends come and join us for science and religion and we are learning a lot when buddy reading with our grade three friends.

Reminders, Requests and Thank you

Outside play and recess – Please dress your child appropriately for the cooler fall weather. Remind your child of the importance of wearing their outdoor gear at recesses (hats, mitts, coats, splash pants, etc.) to help them stay warmer and healthier as the cooler weather approaches.

Skating – Our next skating date is Thurs. Nov. 23rd.

PD Day – This Friday November 16th is a Professional Development Day for the teachers meaning that there is no school for your child that day.

Reading practice -  Please continue to read to and with your child daily. Continue to practice the word wall words. See last week’s post for ways to play with words and concepts at home. I have also sent home access to online reading resources that will help your child grow in their reading confidence: Raz Kids, Teach your Monster to Read and Lalilo.

Math Practice – We have been working on collecting and sorting data. We are working on counting forwards to 100 and backwards from ten and twenty. We are confident counting by 10s and are working on learning how to count by 2s and 5s. Counting by 5s is an important concept that appears in telling time and counting money and by 2s when counting coins. Please practice counting by 2s and 5s at home. When they are comfortable doing this have them start at different number. For example, count by 2s starting at 12.

Here are some of the things we did this week:

Language –  As we are becoming more comfortable and confident reading our word wall words, we are starting to use known word wall words to help us read and spell new words. For example: If I can read and spell “at”, I can read and spell – bat, cat, Splat, chat, etc.  We are learning how spelling patterns can help us like “ight” in “night” can help us figure out the words, fright, sight and light.  We are practicing our reading (using just right books, shared and choral reading, personal choice books and online reading programs on a daily basis.  

Math –  This week we focussed on collecting, sorting and representing data using bar graphs and pictographs. We are reviewing other skills daily in our calendar activities.

Physical Education and Health – We practiced bumping a volley ball against a wall and over a net. We played cooperative games and we moved and grooved to Go Noodle activities in the classroom. We are continuing to discuss the importance of being active and staying safe. We enjoyed our first skating session this week!

The Arts –We are continuing to learn and review concepts through song. This week we used white and black paint to create different coloured shades and hues. We will be finishing our collaborative colour art pieces next week.

Building Word Wall Words
Graphing Centers

Morning Work

Morning Math Activities - Number printing, Guess the
Mystery Number and Patterning

Enjoy the PD day and have  a great weekend!

Friday, 9 November 2018

With Remembrance Day falling on this weekend, we spent a lot of time reading, talking about and writing about peace.

Reminders, Requests and Thank you

Thank you – to all the parents who were able to make parent teacher interviews. I enjoyed sharing your child’s progress with you. Thank you for supporting your child’s learning.

At Home: Word Wall Word and Math Practice Suggestions:

Check out some of these posts with great ideas to help kids learn their word wall words, other everyday words and even math concepts.  You can even do these activities with your French words. Make it fun and play with words.

Here are some other great ideas found on this blog

Make words with small objects!  Favorites are jewels (Dollar Store  and Dollar Tree are great places to get these items cheap}.  You could even get your child to spell words with those Halloween candies that we so love, (Think Smarties) 

Which Word is Right?  Mom ~ write 3 spellings of the sight word, only 1 correct.  Have your child erase the wrong words, leave the correct spelling!  Throw in a little healthy fruit snack as a treat for getting the answer correct!

Dry Erase Writing…Simply have your child write the word you call out on a dry erase board.  Allow him/her to look at the word wall if needed to keep things positive.  You could do this on the IPAD or computer or even a Boogie board. 

Make words out of play dough  or pipe cleaners

Rainbow Writing :The kids also like using different coloured gel pens and so they could write the words in different colours.

You could even buy the paint for windows and they could write their WWW on their window in their room. 

Search and Read
A game I have played with my son is putting words on post it notes or index cards and put them around the house.  He then has to go and find them and bring them back to read them to me. 

Word Search
Here is a website that you can make your own word search.  You can either print it out or have your child play it on the computer. 

Concentration or Matching Game
You can use this game for math concepts (numbers, shapes, patterns...) and language (French or English words). Put words or math concepts on index cards. You could make 2 sets and they have to match the same words or match the number word to the number, or shape to the shape word etc. 

Play cards - go fish but use words or math concepts. 
Hope you find some of these ideas useful. Whatever gets your child playing with words and practicing math concepts will help them progress. 

Here are some of the things we did this week:

Language –  We read and books about peace for Remembrance Day. We wrote about what peace is and we used our senses to describe what peace means to us. We are working on writing complete sentences. We are focussing on starting our sentences with a capital letter and ending it with proper punctuation. We are learning how to use different reading strategies when we are reading our daily messages and our just right books (chunky monkey – looking for little words inside bigger words, eagle eye – looking at the picture and the first letter of the word, stretchy snake – slowly sounding out all the letters in the words and lips the fish – getting your mouth ready to sound out the words). We read and discussed the When we Were Alone for our Global Read Aloud and discussed what makes us unique. We are enjoying reading with our Grade three buddies!

Math –  This week we worked on graphing. We are collecting and organizing data using tally marks and recording our results using pictographs and bar graphs. We are discussing what our data means (which did the most people like , how many more ore people likes _______ than _______, how many people liked ____ and _____, etc.)

Science – We worked on identifying natural and manmade structures.

Physical Education and Health – We practiced our throwing, shooting and catching skills using gator balls and basketballs and practiced bumping a volleyball against a wall and over a net. We moved and grooved to Go Noodle activities in the classroom. We had a practice fire drill.

Religion and Family Life – We talked a lot about Peace and read and discussed boks about peace. We attended our school wide Remembrance Day Liturgy.

The Arts  We used different mediums (clay, tissue paper, pencil crayons, etc. to create some Remembrance Day art and crafts.

reading Buddy Time

Letter and Word Work

Natural Structures and our first Pumpkin Plant (Grown from
the seeds we counted in our pumpkins)
Remembrance Day Activities

Have a great weekend!

Friday, 2 November 2018

What a fun Halloween week! The students had fun dancing the day away on Wednesday. We finished up Halloween activities and we learned more about All Saints Day.

Reminders, Requests and Thank you

Progress Reports -  Progress Reports went home on Thursday, Nov. 1. Please take return the bottom of page 2 in the envelope. Interview night is Thursday Nov. 8  from 4- 8. You can book interviews online using the link that was sent our through the St. Catherine mail system. Click on the link beside my name and you will see which time slots are still available. If you are unable to get the link to work, please call the school and I or someone can help schedule you into an available time slot. I look forward to discussing your child’s progress with you and discussing ways we can work together to help your child succeed.

Homework Calendar -  The November homework calendar was sent home earlier  this week. Thank you for your at home support!

Daily Reading – Please read to and with your child daily. Discuss the story and pictures with them, have them predict what they think will happen next, have them find word wall words they know. Help them sound out unknown words and look for clues in the picture or little words inside the bigger word that can help them. For children reading longer books and early chapter books, work on the same strategies predicting, inferring, figuring out words etc. and stop them periodically and have them retell what has happened so far in their own words. Ask them questions that will help them clarify and add more details to their retell (ex. She went to the store… Who is she? What store did she go to? Why was she going to the store?).

Raz – Kids  Online Reading – Earlier this year I sent home passwords and access codes for this great online reading resource. The books in the Level Up section are set to your child’s “Just Right” reading level. Your child can listen to the book and then read it by themselves. Afterwards there are quizzes to check comprehension. If you feel that your child’s level is too high or too low, please let me know and I can retest him/her and adjust the levels as need be. In the Book Room section your child can explore three reading levels below and above their just right level.

Math – Things you can do at home. Practice counting by 2s and 5s. Most students have mastered counting by 1s and 10s. Practice counting backwards from 20. Have them practice writing numerals you call out (check for reversals). The teen numbers are especially tricky.

Scholastic Orders – If orders are a surprise or gift, please send me a note and I will call when the order is in and leave it in the office for pick up.

Here are just some of the things we worked on this week….

Language –  We read and discussed Halloween poems. We wrote about our fun night out (Halloween). We worked on reading strategies, Eagle Eye – looking at the pictures for clues when we read, Chunky Monkey – looking for smaller words inside bigger words (both when we are reading and writing)  and Stretchy Snake – sounding out the words and blending them together. We are continuing to practice our word wall words and using them to help us read and spell known words and new words. We have been reviewing short vowel sounds as these can be tricky to differentiate between when reading and writing.

Math - We are continuing to work on geometric patterns and practiced skip counting number patterns. We are practicing counting, graphing, addition strategies (making ten, counting on, etc.) and place value in our daily calendar routines. We are using patterns in the hundreds chart and greater than, less than clues to find mystery numbers. We worked on math Halloween stations: counting, patterning, number identification and graphing.

Science – The grade ones are learning about different types of materials that are used to build structures. We are learning about manmade and natural structures.

Physical Education and Health – We had fun playing cooperative games and practicing our bumping, throwing and catching skills over the volleyball nets. We discussed Halloween safety rules.

Religion and Family Life – We made our Christian Pumpkins, discussed all Saints Day and read about some Saints and wrote about ways we are how to be like a Saint.

Halloween Centers
Halloween Stories, Centers and Writing

I hope you have a great weekend!